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  • Buch-Titel: Magic & Mayhem
  • ISBN: 9781440587122
  • Autor:
  • Verlag: F+W Media
  • Ebooks-Sprache: DE
  • Zeitplan: 24.11.2014
  • Ebooks-format: EPUB
  • Quality: Scanned 900 DPI
  • OS: Android, iOS, Windows
  • Illustration: Yes
  • Dateigröße: 7.70Mb
  • Buch-Bewertung:
    4.3 von 5 (91 Stimmen)

Magic & Mayhem Beschreibung Ebook

Mix a touch of magic with a pinch of danger and stir in a hunky hero, and you have the perfect recipe for a love potion to make you swoon. These eight stories make for a delicious brew of paranormal romance:* That Magic Mischief: Dumped out of the blue by her boyfriend, Annabelle's hopes of walking down the aisle seem more remote than ever-until the metaphysical takes matters in hand.* Life After Death: Chelsea's mission is to guide ghosts to the next world, but can Brad save her when it's her turn to die* A Matter of Fate: Someone is setting death-spells targeting mortals, so it's up to half-trained Warder Mona Lisa Kubrek to stop the magic, with a little help from a sexy half-elf shifter.* The Kindred: When it comes to being psychic, Janice Kelly is the best of the best. But she didn't foresee falling in love with Adrian while fleeing the anger of thwarted ghosts in a haunted house.* The Amulet: In their first life, Jackson Hawthorne was...

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