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  • Buch-Titel: Point Counter Point
  • ISBN: 9781443432375
  • Autor:
  • Verlag: HarperCollins Canada
  • Ebooks-Sprache: DE
  • Zeitplan: 01.01.2014
  • Ebooks-format: EPUB
  • Quality: Scanned Pages
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Illustration: Yes
  • Dateigröße: 6.90Mb
  • Buch-Bewertung:
    4.1 von 5 (139 Stimmen)

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A varied and emotionally complex cast of characters interact with one another and the broader society in Britain in the 1920s, their experiences exploring themes of modern living, morality, and humanity. Point Counter Point reflects many of the same sentiments about the perils of modern life as Aldous Huxleys later novel Brave New World, but presents these ideas in a more subtle and intricate fashion. Often considered Huxleys masterpiece, Point Counter Point was the authors longest and most complex work, and many of the main characters are thought to be influenced by contemporary public figures such as D.H. Lawrence and Sir Oswald Mosley. HarperPerennial Classics brings great works of literature to life in digital format, upholding the highest standards in ebook production and celebrating reading in all its forms. Look for more titles in the HarperPerennial Classics collection to build your digital library.

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